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الرؤية والرسالة والأهداف


A university recognized for excellence in education and community partnership.


The university endeavors to produce high-caliber graduates through providing education that aligns with international standards in an academic and research environment of outstanding human resources, effective community partnership and supportive administrative structure. 



Ten basic strategic goals have been identified to reflect the ten major issues, found out by benchmarking and diagnostic studies of the status quo of the university. These strategic goals are:

  1.   attending to students’ needs and developing their capabilities.
  2.   recruiting and retaining distinguished faculty members.
  3.  improving education and providing an engaging learning environment.
  4.   continuing improvement and enhancing quality applications.
  5.   assisting graduates and tuning in to labor market. 
  6.   completing the ongoing development of the infrastructure for graduate studies and scientific research.
  7.   completing the university infrastructure.
  8.   building effective partnership, both domestically and internationally.
  9.   developing university self-financing resources
  10.   developing a supportive administrative structure.


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